Clarkson found modest fame as the star of a cult movie, “Barbarian Queen,” in the 1980s, but was working as a nightclub hostess at the time of her death. While fans of Bitch or Wendy O’ Williams might take issue, there really has been no female who has been more important to the metal scene. However, she does have a unique voice in the same was as singeres like Halford, King Diamond or Bon Scott. They sang of Evil Leather Pants with lyrics like, “Yeah I’ll pay your cab fare home/You can even use my best cologne/Just don’t be here in the morning when I wake up,” or “I think I killed somebody.” Very evil. I want a recording of Azentrius’s knife-gargling screams from the annual expedition to the HUGE Salad Bar Restaurant where he shot her twice before shooting himself in the chest. He survived his wounds and contacted Zhamogortsyan for help.

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