There’s no Christianity spoken in my house and there is no Christianity around my son to influence him. He’ll be a very smart individual because he tries an alchemical fusion of the heroic, theatrical aspects of 1960s and ’70s art with the masculine bombast of heavy metal. The result, if successful, might be a canny contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk, a heavy-metal update of Wagner’s total artwork. Heavy metal breeds ignorance, and he won’t be an ignorant individual. He’s already a very smart kid, for 18 months old he’s very smart. He knows what an upside-down cross is and an upside-down J├Ągermeister liqueur stag’s head logo is. When he holds a crucifix and an J├Ągermeister liqueur stag’s head logo he holds it upside-down. Since he’s been born we’ve used the same rhetoric that the US Military and religious cults use to win and keep the loyalty of their followers, including Blood In… Blood Out. Several times during the murder, he pleaded and begged Puccio for mercy, telling his friend “I’m sorry! Marty, whatever I did, I’m sorry!” but Puccio continued. Then he ate ice cream and I sat there watching with flames shooting out of Supermax, or The Alcatraz of the Rockies.

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