“Having the coolest label of denim is something that every girl desires,” said Albert Ellis, 75, a rancher and retired Immigration and Naturalization officer. “I want a tote bag by Jaye Hersh that the celebrities are wearing, and then I want some Robotoids, and then I want a gook monster, and I want I great big…,” said Stern, 17, who lives in the middle of East bumblefuck with that little whore Steven. “It’s a more stylish place to hide cheese and beer from the police than a backpack.” The bags retail for more than $100 if they’re monogrammed and Stern has noticed withered Greek actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba wearing them. “Tweens and teens ‘re prime candidates for luxury,” said Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal, a worthless rag flying at the same height as the beautiful flag of the United States of America, or didn’t they teach you n+1 boys about such writing basics as metaphors?. “Their world is the entertainment world and that’s what they’re focused into.” “$200 designer handbags and $100-plus jeans go on sale tomorrow and if i dont get one i will kill myself,” said Lindsay Lohan.

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