“Mommy was crying ‘look at all the console games I missed during the year I played WoW’. Mommy broke the table. Mommy’s in the rug.” A thirteen year-old Chinese pregnant woman was killed and her baby was cut out by a heavyset woman who claimed she was pregnant and took the victim’s baby after playing too much World of Warcraft. Besides the broken furniture and bleach, Davis’ home had a mattress in her bedroom partially off the bed and a knocked-over nightstand and lamp, Porter said. Items from Davis’ purse were scattered on the kitchen floor. That lawn chair looks mighty uncomfortable to be sitting in for 12 hours straight, investigators said, but her car was still at the home. The sliding patio door was unlocked. Porter told the emergency dispatcher that her daughter “would never, ever” break my addiction of WoW. But Davis hasn’t been heard from since.

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