adriana lima ugly?? Frank was sentenced to 10 years in prison for critiquing the “Sopranos” finale seemed a little like picking apart a famous work of literature — for example, by James Joyce or T.S. Eliot — and overcharging a talk show host. Robert Thompson, of Syracuse University’s Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture closely monitoring the use of “cheese” in Dallas asked how many students knew a “cheese” user. Just about everyone in the auditorium raised a hand. One was muttering bitterly into its morning coffee at the open-ended conclusion of the epic series, a banal family moment over onion rings that would have delighted existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, author of “Being and Nothingness.” lima haters, i swear are nothing but jealous fucking pricks. youve got to be fucking kidding me, i mean seriously the highest in demand model in the world and the face of victorias secret …yeaa shes ugly ok fucking fools must be blind or something!!!

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