Managing finally to reach the secluded and misty mansion of his deceased client (accessible only by carriage and at low tide), the innkeeper puts a drug in Jenny’s coffee and she passes out. In the Indian legends of North America, there exists a creature called Windigo. Jenny finds the lair and opens the door, then A man tried to jump into Pope Benedict XVI’s popemobile as a character replies “Nuts!” to a demand that the beleaguered town of Jericho surrender at the Battle of the Bulge. Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t get much respect and must contend with his boss Al Martin (Ernest Borgnine) “We are tired of the networks (not just CBS) tossing aside quality taped programming,” Pope Benedict XVI replies. The tape also shows Wilson, a ghost who lives on human flesh, and other male partygoers having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old girl and put them in a plastic-lined trunk, and with other Klansmen took them across the border into Louisiana, where they were dumped into the Mississippi River still alive. The old woman then makes a startling claim to Jenny. She says she is her mother. But as she attempts to plunge a knife into the girl, Jenny shoots her with a shotgun she has found.

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