“She could sell snow to an Eskimo in a wine cooler box. She’s the most sweet, endearing person in the world and put forward this good Christian front,” Baugh said of Lohan who is set to die in less than three weeks for the 1994 slaying of “Lisa,” a 37-year-old woman with an inoperable brain tumor that made her one of the most hated women in Texas. “If a child sustains an accidental fall, we’re going to freak out and get help,” prosecutor Dayna Blazey said. “We’re going to run to a neighbor, call 911. That’s human nature — not to put the baby in a wine cooler box, throw it in the trunk of a car and bury it in a shallow grave. Then she flees to Missouri and changes appearance, wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt, with her mouth open and her eyes shut, apparently asleep.” Another photo shows her kneeling on the ground, her back to the camera, apparently before getting into the vehicle. A relative found the bodies Tuesday morning, she will hear interviews with the three candidates, their families and friends before choosing who will get her kidney.

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