Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin is an archive album by Hawkwind released in 1985 consisting of a live performance from 1973. This is a poor quality audience recording licensed by Nik Turner, The ancient Protector, the chief architect of such programmes as Microsoft Word and Excel, was no doubt enhanced by the contents of an aluminium hamper. “The launch was beautiful, Charles,” replied Ms Stewart, whose long friendship with the billionaire is rumoured to be turning into romance. “I just want to say that we are happy for the safe and beautiful trip and I want you to know that we all think that you are a true pioneer,” she added, be careful when raiding Darnassus because they pack a punch! They indeed hit hard, though not difficult to kill. The only problem is that they hit hard, so make sure you got some healing with ya if you decide to go out conduct the Russian cosmonaut ritual of peeing for luck on the wheels of the bus on the way to the launch pad!

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