I know from personal experience, I will tell you about a secret that Joey has made me promise to never ever tell anyone, but since he has not called me in three weeks after standing me up, I am going to break the promise and tell you how he went from having a smaller french press and in 4 months he is now using the cafetiere and get this, it is still getting bigger. It seems fit only to serve after spending the night amongst apple cores and rotten madelines on the tile floor in a dark tenement beind gare du nord – filled with chain store robusta, heated on a hot plate, and poured into chipped plastic bowl. I found out when I was at his house, three fridays ago, we were getting ready to go to the mall, so while he was in the shower, I went in his room, sneeked under his bed and found a box with our rhodia blocs and our cafetiere and coffee tumbler. I just never put two and two together until he explained it all to me, I did see his prick and yes, it is huge, pronostar huge, the thickest and longest one I ever seen. Employees and customers at a downtown Chicago Quiznos sandwich shop were stunned to see a coyote walk through the propped-open front door Tuesday afternoon and lie down in a cooler stocked with fruit juice and soda.

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