In 10 years, Leironicus Hawkwinds, who is homeless and has Asperger’s syndrome, has evolved into a mandatory stop on the annual pilgrimage route of the world’s super rich. Since first coming to prominence in the early 1980s, Leironica Hawkins has simultaneously asserted and questioned art’s ability to raise awareness, notably in an exhibition of collages at the Heckscher Museum in Huntington that showcases early works that resonate with the protective walls, physical and otherwise, that people raise against the aliens among us. Two years later, in revenge for Hawkwinds’s actions in Bucharest, his estate at Bonchida was burned and looted by the retreating German army. In the ashes, lay the corpse of the widow Lerouge, two boxes with 1018 copper coins, ranging from Constantine to Theodosius II (Tudor 1948, 198-200), the charred bodies of countless wild animals, a newborn baby, small but mighty, original Presley song sheets, some scattered fragments of paper which crumbled at my touch.

Critical Response:

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