Early years and rise to near fame:

Paul Bostaph first heard Reign in Blood when he was a member of Forbidden and consuming eight bottles of Grand Marnier every day on top of a prodigious cocaine addiction. During a party after a gig at the Cheek to Cheek Lounge Bostaph walked towards music he heard from another room, and approached Forbidden guitarist Craig Locicero. When asked what music was playing, Locicero shouted “the new Slayer record.” After listening closely to the record, he looked at Locicero, and concluded that his band was “fucked.” He said then he needed to get something from his room. Upon returning to his motel room, it is believed that he finished one last bottle of Grand Marnier before hanging himself.

Later Forbidden included alternative elements. In August 2011, Mark Hernandez leaves Forbidden due to family obligations.

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Critical Response:

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