On the first aerial toll-house, the cast body is questioned about the sins of the tongue. Say the word “Tarrasque” – now where did you put your tongue to make the “t” sound? The second is the toll-house of lies. You told him you would pay it back if he would just let you go. You know that the judge cannot allow you to go unpunished. The judge would be unjust. The third is the toll-house of slander. Jackie was not actually diagnosed with the disease. The fourth is the toll-house of gluttony. How much hair did you eat. The fifth is the toll-house of laziness. And still You lay there Jobless Masterring sloth Blind eyes Face thickening. The sixth toll-house is the toll-house of theft. Take nothing you won’t use. Consider any electrical goods. Will they work in the new country? The seventh is the toll-house of covetousness. You only wanted to be rid of the burdens of those bent beneath their loads. The eight is the toll-house of usury. That wizened man is lame and dry, His life now less than bliss, But what about that truth so wry: “As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs?” The ninth is the toll-house of injustice. You are an island, man, in your bones and you will have to beat it. The tenth is the toll-house of envy. Did you dream that you were wearing someone else’s clothes? Your dream may mean that you admire that person or want to adopt some of their qualities. The eleventh is the toll-house of pride. I’m not proud of what youve done but you cant change the past.. I want you to be able to tell me everything! you are my twin and I cant go a day w/out you. The twelve is the toll-house of anger. Raw emotion embarasses us, makes us turn away, and for heaven’s sake let it not touch our household. And why can’t there be “something else” besides the voice of machines speaking to us in the darkness.The thirteenth is the toll-house of remembering evil. He was in the shadow under the canopy he had set up to shield himself from the unusually hot April day, but a ray of sun caught his eyes, enough to let me see that they had committed grievous blunders. But there is no evil incarnate; no entity, no devil. The fourteenth is the toll-house of murder. You really just left town to get away from “someone”. You came back…you came through the door and said no you are dead. The fifteenth is the toll-house of magic. Do you feel like right now you are leaving leaving your body. You may sometimes hear sounds. I sometimes hear a “buzzing” or “vibration” sound. I have heard of others hearing a “whooshing.” You pay no toll if you are traveling to The Island; you pay toll only when going to New Brunswick. The sixteenth is the toll-house of lust. You have lusted for the new rain rather than humbling yourself by treating your brothers as vessels of the new wine. But you have rejected them instead. This time you may pass in silence. The seventeenth is the toll-house of adultery. You are fortunate to have died died a child. The eighteenth is the toll-house of sodomy. The goatse.cx lawyer has informed us that we need a warning! The nineteenth is the toll-house of heresy. Then be silent again for a little while. Silence is anything but empty! When you put yourself and your thoughts aside, you let God come into your awareness. No? ok lets continue… The twentieth toll-house is the toll-house of unmercifulness. That’s where I come in.

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