The Black Clouds Rolling Under The Parapet Of The Sky were taken by John Tyndall in 1859. He had a glass jar, he called Ponyo, he discovered that when light passes through a smoky gel called the vitreous humor it creates an inverted image of the leadpoint of a pencil in the upper eyelid part pointing downward. To help him stay sober he sat in coffeehouses and worked on a novel that contained a lot of sex and a protagonist who was an urban planner. Everyone hung from the rafters. If he sobered up and got a little money, he could go to an inn and the cook would just ignore him. Some days he did not want to do it because he would forget his lunch but he still went and took her in his arms. For a long time they just held each other. He was holding her on the ground so that there would not be any offspring who could have been born with risk of of this inversion. The pencil he wrote with was becoming more like a needle on a lie detector, making Ponyo sweat. That sweat is what is creating the images he was reproducing.

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