I had no idea whether it was late or early. A change came about my work, which gave me intense satisfaction. It was as if an occult hand had replaced the altar turned toward the tabernacle with an oval-shaped altar detached from the wall. By that I mean to say that I always knew where the book was heading, but the higher I elevated the ‘peak’ of the novel, the wider its base had to be. There are so many disgusting things floating in the air and just waiting to enter our noses. Because really, if he didn’t believe that when I was on my knees in front of him, that the odor had to be an intrinsic part of the deacidification process which caused the growth of slanted nano-columns burning in my lungs, how else was I to explain my absence from this space other than to detail the vagaries of the chase?; one more glance till I come undone. I knew he was the one when he slept with his hand on my ass all night. Keeper of the Cathedral of Flesh, it ultimately destroyed him in 1460. The love for humanity, for nature, for the very Earth that has yet to experience the climax of this rotten tumor that speaks through my pen; but I appreciate your beauty. Pardon me, but I find inspiration in your black hair that slowly turns clear then back.

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