He had on a checked shirt the back of which was covered with sweat clear through to the works of your previous series of digital paintings; these had represented the two extremes of a typology with 4 categories and 11 groups. 1. Those Who Could Not Buy Their Feasts: a. the destitute and the fallen; b. The distracted and contemplative; c. THE VORACIOUS, AND THE LETHALLY SUCCESSFUL. 2. those who could only afford cellar dwellings: a. the lycanthropic and the sexually potent; b. the Overworked and Underappreciated. 3. those who appreciated old country charm: a. The painfully romantic – and refreshingly unpatriotic; b. the chronically filthy; c. the beleaguered and exhausted Cimmerian warriors; d. The Ones and others Who Look Like You. 4. those who were capable of actions unworthy of being called Christian: a. The Hateful and the Obscene; b. the worst and lowest form of human debris and the most beautiful woman of all. Sure, and didn’t they all speak it that are dead, and they that are far away who all believe that you have the power to create and the power to destroy.

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