The service was conducted by a Shaman priest on a canoe in the Amazon basin. It was followed by a blessing by a Catholic priest at a cathedral in Manaus, Brazil. Weinstein doesn’t think so. “There’s really no good reason to hold onto that information for more than a few months,” he said. “They seem to think that because their motives are pure that everything is OK and they can operate on a trust basis. History tells us that is not the case.” We needed heroes in the 1930s, and we need them today. Mustaine, you dare to put yourself in our way but you don’t dare to meet us? You want to have DISSECTION canceled because you do not dare to face true opponents in faith?! These women believe in voodoo and all kinds of lesser gods, but most are also Christian and believe in the one almighty God who is above all. You think this will stop us?! We are Satanists, yes, truly enemies of yours! For we are the antithesis to cowards like you! These are the best of times, or so they seem to those of us who relish the sonorous delight of a pipe organ in a concert hall setting. This is a physical theatre, the shell of body and mind has cracked. If you are a man of true belief, meet us in France at Fury Fest and stand up for it! Or will you have us canceled this time too? I hate being held responsible for my mistakes. I often make hasty decisions with unfortunate consequences, so I’m a big fan of the do-over, something found rarely in life but often in video games. If I make a stupid move in a chess video game, I take it back and try something else.

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