I also had to spend the night alone in the hospital, and they had no problem keeping her at the nurses station for half an hour so I could shower. There were gruff laughter and gruffer oaths, man’s salutation to the new day, and some low spoken words of discontent. But I knew it wasn’t coming from outside. I was certain that the voice was coming from the basement, because it seemed as if it was carrying up the stairs. He told me it sounded similar to the lights sighted over Stephenville, Texas, recently. Then he started talking to a girl in a revealing white dress. She had the same stupid pointy featured face as Jimmy Carter. Their conversation was so insipid, their manners so unnatural ; and, without doubt, they found me tedious, and pale by comparison to the fascinating drama surrounding the phone conversation she had with Greene two weeks prior, on July 17, in which she states that she shared an opium joint with one other person, because after circling past one more time they burst into tearful laughter. “Nursing!” “Ha, ha, that’s good.” “No really, what field?”

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