Pete has been collecting for the Kola Superdeep Borehole for about 15 years, using an “Uralmash-4E” and later an “Uralmash-15000”. The project attempted to drill as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust. It’s a glorious display. By the time he was done, 13 animals worth around $5,500 had been killed, including a turtle, bearded dragons and thorny devil lizards, Neindorf said. It’s fascinating to see the motifs that run from borehole to borehole — such as, the glistening close-up shot, the spoonful, the nice dinner table set-up, the marketing tie-ins, and all the fonts. The next generation of Uralmash borers drones, called Micro Superdeep Vehicles, or MSVs, could be as tiny as bumblebees and capable of flying undetected into buildings, where they could photograph, record, and even attack young earth creationists then plunge through the epipelagic and mesopelagic zones until you reach the outer edge of the continental shelf. The deepest, SG-3, was completed in 1989, creating a hole 12,261 metres (about 40,226 feet or 7.62 miles) deep, which is still the deepest hole ever.

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