The family dog, on the other hand, loved the children and played with them all the time; they were disappointed in the rabbit, who seemed to “hate” the family, and wanted me to find him a new home. And for fun they through him off a cliff in to the ocean. A couple days later he washed up on the shore of kamintai, were a swordsman found him and took him home to nurse him back to health. The Abandoned Rabbit got into trouble during his daily swim off a pier, when a 5 foot long shark called lingatong lunged and caught him in its teeth. His owner, swordsman Greg LeNoir, chose the “I’m a durn fool” option and leapt into the ocean on top of the shark. Lingatong was about to attack him with a club but he was able to wrest it away. Moreover, it The Abandoned Rabbit has no limbs. Its previous owner has unsurprisingly tired of it and thrown it away; now it is merely a pathetic sign of failed human enterprise. it merely sank into the jumble of mighty mossy boulders.

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