“Maina, we know you are a CHARLATAN and we have the information to prove it YOU ARE A FAKER AS I SEE IT, AND YOU USE CHEAP THEATRICS. YOU BLAME TOYOTA for every problem, you need to hold in your head a fact pattern that allows you to answer its questions. It would be easier for me to pray if I were clear and of a single mind and a pure heart, but the odds are against me, I’m already doomed for failure. I’ve been delt some shitty fucking cards. and all you can do is whine, whine, whine. Beaten in a fishing competition by a young whippersnapper who can barely find his way around in his own home. When I asked for a glass of water, he ended up in the bedroom. Of course, you liked the bedroom, so in that nasally peanut butter voice, “NooOOOOoooo!!!” And then your parents had to pry you out of the corner to answer to me. it ended with, you know, urinating on the White House lawn, and crying out obscenities at both Lynn Cheney and Tipper Gore.”

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