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An author who assures you that he writes for himself alone and that he does not care whether he is heard or not is a boaster and is deceiving either himself of you. _Fran├žois Mauriac

When browsing back over the history of this website there is a noticeable trend toward the reduction of personal commentary or anecdotal musing. Certainly since April of this year a mark’d movement towards straight documentation has occurred. This is quite fine and can be related in part to a straight ahead motivation for production that the website is now merely in service to. If ever the site had a different purpose it was in the earlier days when the work was driven by the desire to keep the website active. But, this site has always been predominantly a public storehouse of texts and images for unabated consumption, with, as history would have it, little personal interaction and no directed kudos. It is because of, for me, the conscious decision to display the impersonal prompt of “+ writing” when it is applicable and the ____________________ of nothing doing when it is more often applicable, that I decide to sign off in a sense and allow the work to replace me. It is because, responding to M. Mauriac’s challenge above, I am not a boaster, I do not publish these pieces with any hopes of association with my self, they are in fact solely for public consumption in this forum. Whatever private satisfaction I get from the production of these works is in the end private. This is not to say that input would not be welcome for once in the history of the project. But instead that any input should be about the work and in service of the perpetuation of the work.

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