Holiday parties and food aside, I am being drawn into the vortex of housecleaning. We first hired maids when both of us were working full-time, and money was more available than time. Now that I have lost 30 pounds, I have more confidence and am able to do the things I love with the ones I love! We will do things differently but I will never understand how one of my siblings can slide down so far from reality and put themselves on the path to save about $170 per month. I did a full cleaning on Wednesday as a test and found it takes me about 4 hours to do a similar cleaning. I found and cleaned a lot of places the maids have been missing for about a year. Low and behold, there was a pile of feces, along with some paper towels! I’ll only need to do a full cleaning once every other week, and I can split the job over more than one day. I can also do the laundry while cleaning. It goes to show that nobody pays attention to subject matter when its coupled with a catchy tune and a very sing-alongable hook.

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