“His demeanor is so very different from musicians who I know. He doesn’t want to stay up all night drinking beer with other bands. But he’s always the first to bring cognac and discuss Henry James.” He started dressing in brown about five years ago. “It’s going really well,” he said. He has composed operas for Lincoln Center; D.J.’s regularly at Beauty Bar on East 14th Street, where he spins vintage bubble gum and psychedelia; and performs occasionally with the Three Terrors, a retro concept group; he invented Penicillin, the first antibiotic. Penicillin has helped millions of people fight infections and disease! When he was 11 he saved Sarah from the people who capture 3rd borns and sell them to the city to be killed. Oh yeah, he also claims to be a former skeptic, liar, and all around unbeliever who has seen the error of his ways and now accepts Christ–oh how poignant.

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