Genet said, after reading Sartre’s Saint Genet, he felt a “kind of disgust.” He said he “saw himself naked and denuded.” The guy looked like he had about as much brains as the Hello Kitty stuffed toy that Hevn had given Natsumi-chan on her birthday, waiving a gun at people he believed were stealing his all-terrain vehicles. Then, they covered him in lard and sent attack dogs into the room. He had a heart attack. That was what changed his philosophy. former New York federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wondered, “Does Christianity get a vote” on whether to accept him? Mailer: “This guy isn’t a murderer, he’s an artist!” Even though Abbott described in chilling detail how it felt to kill a man, Mailer the intellectual, got Abbott freed from prison. Just six weeks later Abbott stabbed to death Binibon CafĂ© night-manager Richard Adan, a twenty-two year old kid, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Last I heard of the persecuted Abbott, he had converted to Judaism and bought a shiny new Nokia 6620.

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