Do you want to taste something disgusting? I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a restaurant and it isn’t Japanese and therefore I know the offending item isn’t going to be uni, the mucho macho man in me accepts the challenge. Would you waste your precious, precious time. Reading the things you read? And let him know the things on which. Your mind and spirit feed? i wonder how long it would take Jon Mikl Thor to reach same level of thetan as tom cruise. would you pretend that you had an audience in front of you? If I told you, would you pretend that you cared? Why would you pretend that you are NOT trying to accomplish anything, if people aren’t even interested in listening in the first place? Do you spend your days writing test code for your organization? Do you spend your days putting out fires, never having time for your Life? What are some of your passions and how do you put them in your life? I know it’s discouraging when you see other people succeeding and you feel like you are on a plateau. Please don’t give up. What’s the difference between them and you? Do you write novels, take photos, watch buildings, walk about the City? Do you spend your days locked up in a clumsy, cluttered office. Sitting next to a uniform desk in a uniform settings. Feeling like your life is passing you on its way to Paris, and was diverted and landed in Lyon about 35 minutes ago, And that’s where it sits when hell breaks loose and the zombie infection spreads quickly leaving Jennifer Love Hewitt and her lame boyfriend wear matching yellow polo shirts. Color me unsurprised. So I ended up with a shot glass of noni juice.

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