In the climactic fight scene, Chuck was losing badly and everyone knew the end was near when he starred in Missing in Action, the first of a series of POW rescue fantasies produced by Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. He played A shy, pretty girl who works at the cookie store in the food court. My mate read it though, and said the movie was rubbish compared to the book. The book was about ancient Greeks and the Olympics. The kids go to the Olympics and there is a big sign that said “No girls in the Olympics.” Annie goes to the Olympics. Annie disguised herself, but she got caught. But once there she finds that she is now changing into a cat and that if she does not escape by dawn is doomed to remain one. I looked around, there was no sign that read – “No cats in the Olympics.” In Norway they are known as Skogkatter or the Norsk Skogkatt. They appreciate high vantage points and enjoy climbing trees, or, if they are indoor cats, climbing on appliances, bookshelves and other elevated surfaces in the home. They are pagans. The last atheist that stood up to Chuck Norris ended up with a face-full of Jesus uppercut faster than Chuck Norris failed biology.

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