While I felt as though I had been faced with a nightmare unique in all the world, I came for the food, and well, it was filled with viruses? “It’s one of the common viruses we’ve been seeing on cruise lines,” Okubo said. “Most of the time, people recover, it makes their skin sting a bit but most people can go swimming if they have eczema.” The Norwalk-like virus infected about 9 percent of the ship’s 2,500 passengers, and no one was hospitalized, the cruise line said. Some passengers are occasionally found eating their young and growing interested in fountain pens. I was a bit startled to learn that my friend was dating a man who was half Japanese, half Jewish, since “he must be hard-working and good with money.” Passengers who felt sick, as well as their cabinmates, were asked to remain in their rooms for 24 hours. Norwegian said it was giving those passengers a $200 on-ship credit. Would you recommend this site to your friends if you knew that it was filled with viruses? “Have you ever seen someone lie on a bed of nails (in person)? Have you ever seen someone fall in one of those manholes out in the middle of the street? Have you ever seen someone jump effortlessly over a 7 meter high electric fence? Have you ever seen someone naked in their motel room with the drapes open?” Now imagine it was 100 years ago. Now 100 years hence. Who can say what is a flaw? Human can imagine. Maybe a flaw would be to lack imagination. I can imagine a planet called Nike or Budweiser, where I drink lava for pleasure in merest moments I discover a week later that the check they wrote me bounced……it went through the 2nd time, but I couldn’t believe they’d bounce a credit check….gee do you think a LL would rent to you if you bounce the background check? My mailman gave me a funny look today, I think it was the shirt. So I ate his skin. His name was Tomeran’s Errol Flynn of Taelcat. ….. He was skin and bones, his fur was matted, and he smelled like cat urine.

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