Lamb finds himself outside in the real world, beginning with a visit to his now-dilapidated home of his youth. they’re playing love songs on the radio tonight. But not without going on a killing spree first, even though it appears to be out of Lamb’s control, as it’s not unusual for him to vomit and utter remorseful words after committing these murders. I have a confession to make. I like Madonna and Gwen Stefani. There it’s out. I danced to Hollaback girl. I’ve groved to Hung up. I know what your thinking, “Someone institutionalize that girl.” Well, I am sorry, I cannot help eating my young, They are small (1/16″?) beetle-like flying bugs with irredescent green backs. Any idea what it is and what will kill them? I’m in Nebraska and One thing I won’t be ashamed of saying: Franz Ferdinand = Sex. When he emerges from the home, he is stricken with Capgras syndrome and some girl with a lisp says, “Oh my god it’s sasqwatch”.

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