Full of thoughts, he retired to his chamber, and delighted with the taste and luxury of Cookie Pursonality products, he composed the following ode. “You are beautiful, but you are empty,” he went on. “One could not die for you. You are shameless and loose. I recently purchased your Mint Jalapeno Jelly. You have been babied your entire life. Any pain, scrape or bruise was dealt with by expert, overly-cautious doctors. You became a giant wuss. It is not your fault, though, you simply don’t know any different. You’ve got it in control, your pockets lined in gold.” Then, tired, he climbs to the top of a frozen hill, looks through his spy glass and sees Uncle Roy’s boat, The Catship, stuck in the ice, And dreams of love’s sweet sway. “An elf queen must my lady be, No other worthy is of me, In all the land, I say.” Oops, I think I saw that in a movie.

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