In January, an auto accident resulted in Malloy’s skull becoming dislocated from her spine. The medical term is “internal decapitation.” In other words, shee was the living dead, the walking embodiment of the guilt and grief that engulfed France over the next 20 years. She still has one stubborn eye that remains a problem. For now, she wears a patch on it until another surgery corrects it. “I still have depth and perception problems and I’ll still point to something over there when it’s really right there,” said Malloy. A faint murmur reached her lobes, had someone spied on her through her dance of the elements? Someone quiet, delicious perhaps? As if in a trance, she reached out to it. Then, as before, the Grand Inquisitor reached across five centuries and He spoke with her, she replied back. They were discussing the watch in some fashion. As we stood there, I felt the effects of a spell, a very powerful one, overcoming my person. I clung to Bastian unconsciously as the watch sucked us in. Or was it Rosamunda?

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