I dreamt of myself with Danica in usths ta me nkita ako na babaeng nakapantulog na bestida. I dreamt of myself with Le Corbusier vandalizing House E-1027, Eileen Grey’s masterwork in the South of France. he kissed me on the neck with his razor. (The man reaches up and slits the woman’s throat. The front of her dress runs dark with color.) And if it’s true that this cliché has now been mostly supplanted by another how does this help a woman striving to make it on her own? Who are her role models? In New York Winka Dubbeldam is just starting to leave a mark on the city — without, I should add, a husband to balance her books and stroke her eggs. But such examples are few and far between — and even they are still relatively unknown and Drunk As She Should Be. in the misty dawn with teeth chattering, a voice, “leave her alone, she’s a person, just like u and me. she does wot she wants to do, GOOD LUCK TO HER.” As I didn’t get to watch the Steelers play, I watched about half of the Skins-Lions game (bleh) and then Corb and I went to see The Incredibles. That’s right I saw it again, twice in one weekend and it was worth it. One last time did he turn ’round – Then he walked into the sea.

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