A man died trying to help rescue a Canadian novelist caught in rip currents while swimming in the Cocoa Beach area. It wasnt me, baby, no it wasnt Christian Bok, baby. It must have been some other body, uh uh, baby, it wasnt Christian Bok. This is perhaps the deepest meaning, in Spenser’s Mutabilitie, of the gnomic remark addressed by a goddess of Nature to a goddess of Change: “Thy decay thou seest by thy desire.” if you read books or know of their power then you would know that nobody holds sway quite like a dead man. Ford said he saw someone floating in the water, and no it wasnt christian corpse paint… i just did what ever haha…. on the guys face to make it look like he has tried to hide his identity. The unidentified dead man was unconscious and taken to a next of kin.

Critical Response:

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