You know, we’ve grown musically. I once had a party at my house and someone had shat on my walls, toilet, sink, and my bathtub. There were feces everywhere. (if you look at the toilet and with your eyes draw a 5 foot circle-there the poop laid) im not sure how it happened or why they didnt clean up their mess or SIT DOWN PROPERLY. I mean, listen to some of the rubbish we did early on, it was stupid… The Maurice Gibb album track, ” Sex Farm” was #1 for three weeks in March, 2005 in the country of Turkey. Gibb loved the sport of paintball, and had a team which he called “Lil’ River Rats and the Adventure of the Lost Treasure.” He promoted the sport at every opportunity, and opened a paintball equipment shop, “cecal volvulus,” in North Miami Beach, Florida. Some people think he’s real and some think he’s pretend. Some people think he likes to go out dancing. some people think he’ll explode, some people think he’ll implode, some people think he’s not evil. I, personally, think he is evil. Some people think he did horrible things to a girl who didn’t want it. So why would he fake his death?

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