THE Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) called on authorities not to be hasty in their investigation on the latest bombing in Kidapawan City. Twenty-year-old sheriff’s deputy Tyler Peterson fired about 30 shots inside the small apartment where a group of high school students and recent graduates were watching movies and eating pizza about 2:45 Sunday morning, authorities said. There’s no way to stop the drugs, said MILF Central Committee spokesman Khaled Musa condemning the latest atrocity by “the followers of darkness” calling them as cowards. They’re coming. Tyrants and freedom-haters, you have lost the war. Surrender. It was the high school’s homecoming weekend. The MILF was quick to deny the accusations though. prom dresses, shoes and pageant dresses littered the streets and roads in the foggy, early dawn. Startled by the invasion, residents rushed out on their lawns with flashlights, then rushed back inside, as the birds flew toward their light. Anne, the reporter for The Witness, has tracked down an area man who was the last person to have seen the ivory-billed woodpecker and it turns out to be none other than Robert Vaughn!

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