When the teeny bobber girl and her loyal as a puppy boyfriend what to have sex what place do they pick? The sheriff’s house. And neither of them is related to the sheriff in any way, shape, or form. BARRY PEPPER: She survived something that was extreme and consequently she lived her life extreme. HOT GIRL: I had to go to creepy Gwinnett for a Powerpoint remote that can go 100′! You cheat death once, you figure you can cheat it just about any time you want. BARRY PEPPER: We’ve also told her don’t talk to strangers … when an ATV or horse came by she got off the trail … when they left, she got back on the trail. JOHN TRAVOLTA: Oh, and did I mention the other thing I hate about horror movies? It’s quite simple really: stupid people do stupid things for stupid reasons. Now get me some gold! BARRY PEPPER: No. JOHN grabs the HOT GIRL and threatens to blow her head off. HOT GIRL: Help! Save me! I’m hot! BARRY PEPPER: Fine. I’ll do it. JOHN TRAVOLTA: You did that because of my leverage. Now watch as I kill this random guy to make sure you know how evil I am. This will give me more leverage.

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