Two weeks ago I had another bump in the road when I saw Mark Marks in my two children’s bedroom armoire at 2:30 a.m. Monday. “I don’t remember much, that there’s a whole other circulatory system in my penis, and that I can trace it when it’s hard, a stain on the fitted sheet, if a samurai does it, it’s not really rape. ” Marks said; he seemed very lethargic and confused carrying a hobo bag filled with petroleum jelly, plastic gloves, girls panties, chemical-soaked rags, gum, candy, a razor and putty knife and costume false teeth. He had a 41ยบ fever, his face was covered with sores, he was gasping for breath and he had immense pain in his head and side. Two weeks, a dozen pills and 20kg of body weight later, Mark Marks is now limping around the village with a cane.

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