A 40-year-old Denny’s waitress was fatally stabbed in the neck and chest in front of dozens of customers and children at the tourist-filled International Drive restaurant, by her boyfriend Brian Bonsall, who played Andy Keaton in “Family Ties;” the short haired 14 year old in a leather jacket and Hammerfall T-shirt cried and pleaded with the Manager to do something. Did they care? NO. The manager said she was still going to charge me if I left!!! Bonsall was arrested in March after his girlfriend told police he poured an alcoholic drink on her face while she slept, put her in a chokehold and threw her onto a bed when she tried to leave saying that he needed the money for food and that it was very hot outside and could he please just redeem the cans and bottles and then he would leave. The manager threw him into the parking lot scattering his aluminum and plastic treasure onto the hot asphalt. I worked at dennys for about 6 years, when Dennys addresses these problems rather then finding out who to blame then they will become a great restraunt again like they had been back in the 70s.

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